The play «Waiting for Someone»

The play «Waiting for Someone»

Comedy-phantasmagoria on the play by Luigi Lunar "Three on a swing".

The plot is mysterious to absurdity. The three men - the young industrialist-womanizer, a retired captain and a successful writer - at the same time fall into a strange room where they are forced to spend the night. Each of them can open only one of the three doors, and only sometimes arbitrarily phone rings.

Playing cards heroes will discuss topics very difficult: Do the human freedom of choice? Do we have a responsibility for their actions? And what awaits us in front of the gates of Eternity? And when it comes to almost a fight, it will be ... a simple worker, snuff, and the Virgin Mary in one person!

Gripping story, prominent characters inimitable Italian sparkling humor and "juggling" dialogues. The viewer expects and unusual stage solution: the objects in the room are scattered both on canvas surreal and emotional background music in the style of amplified ambient and very psychedelic visuals.

Running time: 2 hours 40 minutes with one intermission.


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