The play «Treasure Island»

The play «Treasure Island»

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Young viewers are on the deck of the ship, go on a treasure hunt. But harmful Spider Lapkin broken compass to prevent the gallant captain and boatswain gay to call to find Treasure Island. Heroes together with the audience is sent on a dangerous journey in four parts of the world, to fix compass and find the treasured island. They are waiting for the sea adventure, during which will require many talents and skills: acrobatics and opera singing, dancing, juggling, mime, poetry reading and magic tricks!

"Treasure Island" - a very dynamic interactive performance with bright costumes and unusual scenery, combining polar theater and circus genres. A sophisticated lighting effects create an amazing illusion of presence in distant and dangerous world of pirates.

Running time: 1 hour 25 minutes
Recommended age: from 5 to 9 years
Children under 3 years are on one ticket with an adult


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