The play «The Government Inspector»

The play «The Government Inspector»

Director - Michael Goloco

The Comedy of masks by N. In.Gogol

The premiere of the immortal Gogol's "Auditor" in the interpretation of the Director Michael Goloco. The Comedy of masks, deriding the system of total lies, hypocrisy and courage to his conscience, promises to surprise the audience by topical reading. As close to the original text, the statement is absolutely devoid of temporal markers: there were no decorations or costumes of the era, after all, every season has its own Auditor.

Grotesque productions expertly created not only directing the work but also the scenography of the famous art Director David Matevosyan had time to work with cult Moscow theaters, and Federal projects. We must pay tribute to and costumes: in this direction intercede popular Russian designers Anna Chistova and Dmitry Loginov, recognized not only in Russia but also in Western fashion space.


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