Musical «Ballad of the small heart»

Musical «Ballad of the small heart»

In the small seaside town of destinies meet the heroes of our history. Roofs of old houses, decks of ships, comfortable room for the children's home are their hopes and expectations of banks. It sounds lullabies and hymns, and watercolors in the hands of the good angels gently clothe favorite city in fabulous outfits coming one after the other seasons. So, day after day, painfully long or unexpectedly quickly, leaving in memory of melting memories of childhood and is a little confusing tale with reality, time is running relentlessly.

We invite you to touch the magical world of children's souls. Plunge into the night sounds of the sea and fly over the old town, to run the first snow, and make friends with clouds and wind. Hear the prayers and sad to see the happiest and perhaps prophetic dreams. We invite you to tender and majestic, powerful and boundless universe. The musical universe Ballad of the little heart.

One adult can spend on your ticket, one child under 6 years of age inclusive. Entrance to the theater opens two hours before the performance. Worked as a theater café, great creative and entertainment program takes place in the foyer.

The duration of musical 2 hours 45 minutes with one intermission.


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