The play «Antigone»

The play «Antigone»

The tragedy of Sophocles "Antigone" Lyubimov staged as a spectacle-musical action. Music for the play written biggest contemporary composer Vladimir Martynov. Costumes made under sketches of the famous Rustam Khamdamov it possible to visualize the place and time of action. The movement-dance staged by choreographer of the Bolshoi Theater Andrei Melan'ina looks very energetic.

Young, "dancing-singing" at the Taganka Theater troupe, complete with loud-voiced singers Dmitri Pokrovsky Ensemble, ably cope with the difficult task of a director - create edinorazdelno-integral action - spectacle-song. Young actors - Studio School graduates Yury Lyubimov - thin feel and transmit the meter, the rhythm and intonation of the verse (interpretation of Dmitry Merezhkovsky).

Yuri Lyubimov, in its own way, as always, by mounting the text of Sophocles, additionally introduces performance biblical "Song of Songs". Martynov set to music "Song of Songs" rondoobrazno permeates the entire performance. This finding allows to rearrange Lyubimov semantic accents of tragedy: with the original single-line confrontation Antigone - Creon - a new storyline triumph of Eternal Love.


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