Performance «Vysotsky. The birth of a legend»

Performance «Vysotsky. The birth of a legend»

Musical performance

On 25 January, the birthday of the famous poet and bard on the stage of the Moscow Provincial theater will feature his most famous songs and poems: "I love you", "My Gypsy", "the Singer at the microphone," "My black man", "Lyrical", "the Ballad of love", "fastidious Horses", "Big Carriage", "07", and many others.

In the play are:

The Governor's orchestra of Moscow region
Chief conductor – Sergey Pashchenko

The artists of the Moscow Provincial theatre:

Karina Andolenko
Sergey Bezrukov
Sergey Vershinin
Elena Doronina
Valeriya Lanskaya
Elena Isaenkova
Dmitry Kartashov
Stepan Kulikov
Sergey Kunitsky
Julia Pilipovich
Anton Sokolov
Alexander Frolov
Mikhail Shilov
Natalia Shklyaruk
Vera Shpak


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