Circus musical «How much love?»

Circus musical «How much love?»

A circus musical for adults, "How much $ect love?" -a bold experiment known producer Yana Shevchenko. In one performance able to synthesize seemingly incongruous between the genres. The creators of the musical exceptionally talented, famous, creative people, professionals.

 Dennis Kowalski is a composer project, winner of 7 awards "song of the year", winner of 3 "Golden gramophone" and many other musical awards and is the author of songs of circus musical, "How much $ect love?". The talent of the composer helped to create an unusual melody of the play, filling it with extraordinary sensuality. Songs Michael Lides — graduate jazz College Rome, composer and arranger of famous Russian stars, perfectly captures the mood of the characters and sets the rhythm of the show. The music for the musical is written by Sergey, Kukuzenko, a member of the international Association of sound engineers ALUMNI, producer and author of numerous music shows, TV programs, cartoons.

 Jacob Lakin — Director of the project, is a leading actor and Director of theatre "Satyricon", the Director of the acclaimed play "All about men", winner of the award for best Director at the festival "Amur autumn". The Director of circus Sergei Margi known for its original and bold rooms and productions in Russia and abroad. Audience is familiar project "Factory of stars" (channel 1), "Minute of fame" (first channel), "dandies-show" (Russia channel), "Super-star"(NTV), "Slavic Bazaar", etc. 

 The author of the script and the starring Leonid Semidano begins its magical show of incongruous elements — the Striptease show on the background of the verses, acrobatic erotic rooms, Express all the depth of genuine love.


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