Play «don't cry Alice!»

Play «don't cry Alice!»

Play "don't cry Alice !" "Queen Alice is on holiday calls: - hurry up, through the looking glass people! On a high throne in a brilliant crown of Queen Alice is waiting for you in the Palace! "

Yes, the same "Alice in Wonderland", Yes the same Lewis Carroll, a strange and eccentric Professor of the University of Oxford . Theater "August" invites you to a birthday Alice! The celebration will be her old friend, the Hatter, the Cheshire cat, the March hare. They will remember how I met her in Wonderland, and will help prepare for the main adventure of her life... Want to know what? Then come to our show!

Director: Alex Barrows
Artist: Daria Of Loshakova
Musical Director: Victoria cheque
Photographer : Elena Yaroslavtseva
Performers: Ekaterina Zharova, Danila Rassomahin, Paul Rassomahin, Julia Kulieva, Daria Sochneva, Victoria Cheque
Duration: 1 h 25 min
Recommended age: audience: 10+


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