Giving flowers to women

Giving flowers to women

Musical greeting

About women has been said a lot. They dedicated poems and songs. Fighting for them in duels, and even started a war. And still to this day women are for all men a great mystery, to solve which it is possible to spend a lifetime.

The Moscow Provincial theater along Governor's orchestra invites you on a festive musical evening – dedication to the better half of humanity. The program will include favorite tunes and songs in different languages.

This evening with you:

The Governor's orchestra of Moscow region
Chief conductor – Sergey Pashchenko
Conductor – Kirill Cherchyk, Roman Kolganov

Laureate of international competitions Vladimir avtomonov (baritone)

Actors of the Moscow Provincial theater Sergei Vershinin and Edward Aytkulov

Duration: 1 h 20 min.


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