Concert «Road to peace»

Concert «Road to peace»

Concert program-Roads of the world will surely draw the attention of all fans of ethnic music. Those who want to book tickets for this event can get acquainted with the unique art of singing different peoples of the world.

The song appeared in ancient times. It is not known who was the first author of this genre. But she soon became an integral part of worship, and begin to escort people during work, family celebrations and folk festivals. While the vocal art of the different peoples of the world has got its own characteristics and features. Each nation has its own style and way of singing, special vocal techniques and methods. All this is due to national characteristics, beliefs, norms and rules that have taken place in a particular society and many other factors. Today national singing in many countries sounds to the European ear quite unexpectedly, and the exotically. And rodnye napevy already started to forget the modern youth under the onslaught of pop culture. To remember their roots and to get acquainted with the vocal art of other peoples of the globe – for this program was created a Road of peace.

The concert program consists of folk songs of the Balkan peoples, African ritual chants, African American spirituals, Caucasian and Russian spiritual-ritual singing.

Bulgarian folk song "Kaval sviri" and "From Dale EDI"
African labor – "Shosholоsa" (song of the builders of the railroad)
"Prende la vela" (light a candle) – a Colombian folk song (arranged by K. Alvarado)
"The Battle of Jericho" — traditional spirituals genres arranged by Moses Kogan
"Somebody's calling my name" — the traditional do the arrangement by Harry Schroeder
"Body of Christ" — out after the communion verse, Kartalino-Kakhetian chant
Troparion of the Nativity Greek chant harmonization by A. Arkhangelsky
Kontakion of the Nativity, Znamenny chant arranged by A. D. Kastalsky
"In Bethlehem" — spiritual poetry of Ukrainian immigrants of Canada, arranged for the ensemble
"Oh, kaled" — Christmas song of the Belgorod region
"Mary, a virgin forest went" — spiritual poetry of the Bryansk region, arranged by Yuri Kolesnik
"Pomenuh the works of the Lord... Bring the Lord of the Fatherland." (Psalms 76 and 95) — Alexander Manotskov


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