Peppa Pig: "Journey to Dinosaur Island"

Peppa Pig: "Journey to Dinosaur Island"

Pippa, the best friend of children all over the world, never sits in place! This time, restless Peppa decided to go on a round-the-world sea voyage, and she calls with her all her friends. The fact is that on a remote uninhabited island a real dinosaur appeared ... And it's so btw! After all, the younger brother of a piglet George is soon a birthday, and George is a famous admirer of dinosaurs. Well, how can you not give your beloved brother a big toothy pet ?!

The whole family and friends of Pig's pigs immediately agree to go on a merry and dangerous journey on Grandpa Pig's Ship. Thanks to the new interactive format, your child will become a full-fledged participant in the play "Pig's Pig. Travel to the island of Dinosaurs "and will receive so much useful knowledge from the heroes of your favorite cartoon series. Welcome aboard, young seafarers!

Comfort and comfort of the big hall of the House of Cinema:

  • Comfortable armchairs in the auditorium.
  • A spacious wardrobe will ensure the absence of long lines, and a large number of sofas will allow you to dress up the child without problems.

Attention! Useful Leisure!
It's no secret that by nature, children learn better the information that comes from their favorite characters, with which they associate themselves. That is why a large educational component has been included in the play!


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