Concert «Songs of the great musicians»

Concert «Songs of the great musicians»

A wonderful singing dramatic actress Dasha Vilkova-Goncharova, who once received the award of the Union of Theater Workers for the main female role in the play "Duck Hunting" based on Vampilov's play staged by Mark Rozovsky, will present you with an unforgettable evening and a warm mood. Working in her time at the Moscow Theater "At the Nikitsky Gate," Daria became famous for her brilliantly played role in the cult play based on the novel by Vladimir Vysotsky "The Novel of the Girls." The performance that traveled the world. The performance, which the audience took at night to turn to the cashier to get the coveted ticket.

The famous musicians, accompanied by whom Daria performs romances, not only perform musical accompaniment, but also become singers, dramatic artists and dancers during the performance, playing along with the actress. All this looks so lively and organic, that the audience begins to sing along.


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