Peruquois. Concert with orchestra

Peruquois. Concert with orchestra

About this woman say that her voice has the power to stop time and to open the gates to other worlds. Once Perukua was successful jazz singer, famous in their home country, Australia. However, at the peak of fame, she left the scene in order to study the ancient traditions and techniques for working with the voice. Her work - it is the connection of classic soul, Middle Eastern motifs and bits of electronic music, melodies of Native American Indians with the most powerful meditative practices that change mood and consciousness. Perukua knows how to make the music was the key to the heart and cause for inner transformation.

"Woman in Love" - ​​a new concert program Perukua. The songs of this concert performer chose with special care and as a result the program includes songs, recently recorded in Los Angeles with a musical team previously worked with Amy Winehouse, Beyonce, «Coldplay», «Evanescence», also tracks recorded with 3- time winner of the "Grammy" Tom Vesindzherom. And, of course, Perukua could not ignore some hits from her early repertoire.

The duration of the concert for 2 hours.

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