Musical performance «Robocar Poli Show: Rescuers Forward»

Musical performance «Robocar Poli Show: Rescuers Forward»

Rather, write your baby to the Rescue Team, where Robotcar Poly and his friends are waiting for him! Interactive musical performance for children, "Forward Rescuers!", Will help not only to have fun, but also to get so much useful knowledge!

Together with the children Helicopter Heli, First Aid Amber, Roy Fire Engine and, of course, Robocar Paulie himself, will undergo a lot of fascinating and instructive tests: they will repair the broken magic traffic light, save the disobedient boy Kevin from the accident, stop the truck that has lost control, Even save the fire from the Owl Forest.
And Robokar Paulie will not forget to introduce the young rescuers to the rules of the road and solemnly take the kids to the world's most famous Rescue Team, which any child dreams of!

Attention! Useful Leisure!
It's no secret that by nature, children learn better the information that comes from their favorite characters, with which they associate themselves. That is why a large educational component has been included in the play!

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