Birthday of Arkady Parovozov

Birthday of Arkady Parovozov

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    November 5, Sunday 12:00
    400 - 1250 rub.
    Recommended age 0+
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A friend of children and adults, Arkady Parovozov invites to your birthday! TV channel "Mult", "Ural Pelmeni Production" and the Moscow Royal Theater represent a space holiday for the whole family!

Arkady Parovozov will have a lot to do! A famous rescuer and astronaut can not cope alone, and calls for the help of all children to overcome difficulties together and finally get to the festive table!

The original script of the interactive show was developed by the creators of the popular animated series "Arkady Parovozov hurries to help", which with great success is broadcast on the television channels "Mult" and "Carousel". At the Birthday of Arkady Parovozov, viewers can live to get to know their favorite characters, take part in games, dance and sing cheerful songs that are easy to learn, and which will help to remember the correct actions in difficult circumstances.

And Arkady Parovozov will check how closely the children are watching the animated series and the program "Arkady Parovozov's School". Find out who is best remembered how to act in the most difficult and even extreme situations. For this, Arkady locomotive will conduct a fun quiz, in which all the small spectators can participate.

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