Sector Gaza: 30 years of the legendary group

Sector Gaza: 30 years of the legendary group

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    December 10, Sunday 18:00
    1200 - 1500 rub.
    Recommended age 18+
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It is unlikely that this group needs to be introduced. Regardless of age and musical taste, you absolutely know exactly what "Gaza Strip" is.

Forming at the dawn of perestroika - December 5, 1987, the musicians of the "Sector" headed by Yuri Klinskikh (Hoi) were able to find the simplest way to the hearts of millions of listeners in the post-Soviet space, and in fact - throughout the world. Boldly experimenting with genres, touching those aspects of life, which are usually kept quiet, Yuri with the help of his songs managed to popularize rock music among people who, it would seem, she should be alien.

"Gaza Strip" was the undisputed leader in sales of cassettes and CDs in the "dashing 90s". They were both loved and hated at the same time. Interest in the group did not fade away even after the tragic death of Yuri Klinsky in July 2000.

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