Immersive show «Returned»

Immersive show «Returned»

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    November 11, Saturday 19:00
    5000 - 30000 rub.
    Recommended age 18+
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In Moscow, the world premiere of mystical show "Returned" American companies Journey Lab and Russian producers Vyacheslav Dusmuhametova and Miguel, director and choreographer of the "Dancing" on TNT.

Immersive 4-hour performance with a full immersion effect will unfold over four floors of an old mansion of the XIX century in the center of Moscow. Action, delivered based on the play by Henrik Ibsen's "Ghosts", will take place at arm's length, cycling all the feelings of the audience. The show will be used unique lighting and special effects, but for the music composer is responsible, Therr Maitz leader - Anton Belyayev.

As a result, the six-month rehearsals, which were conducted in the strictest secrecy, Russian actors could learn the unique methods of interaction with the audience, taking over the world experience immersive genre, which is now the most "hot" global trend.

The audience will become part of the show, wearing an indispensable attribute of immersive theater - mask. Throughout the action forbidden to speak, to touch the actors and shoot his own mask. If you want to witness all the amazing events at the mansion, we recommend that you wear comfortable shoes and to use contact lenses instead of glasses.

Entrance to the house is divided into 4 time-stream at intervals of 30 minutes, which helps the viewer to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the presentation and to unravel the mysteries of the mansion.

The Russian will be available two ticket categories: standard 5 000 rubles, which includes a visit to the show and a mask, and the VIP, the price of which will be 30 000 rubles, with the ability to see a special extended version of the show, a guaranteed personal experience "one by one" and access to unlimited personal bar.

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