Theatre Russian song (on Garden Ring)

Theatre Russian song (on Garden Ring)

Moscow, st. Garden-Chernogryazskaya, 5/9

Theater "Russian Song" under the leadership of Hope Babkin gained official residence in the city center, in a former cinema. This is a small chamber area in which there is a concert hall for up to 150 spectators, a spacious hall, which can also be used for events, as well as the lobby, decorated with photographs from the chronicles of the life of this national team.

The auditorium can be transformed to organize various cultural events, such as fashion shows there is even a podium. But often there are concerts of popular and classical music, as well as performances not only members of the theater "Russian Song", but other folk ensembles, singers and actors.

The theater building "Russian Song" is in place, tightly connected with the cultural capital of the past. Adjacent to the house is a former cinema, father of the famous theoretician and practitioner Constantin Stanislavski, in which he presented his first productions. Ere are also going to all the "golden youth" of the early twentieth century.


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