Club Rock-House

Club Rock-House

Moscow, Izmailovskoe highway, 71KE

Moscow is full of clubs and concert venues ... seemingly expanse musician, but many of them are in the field, it is not suited for live sound, and stage the size of the elevator do not have to steep the show, and the years of hard work and talent of breaking on an oak unit ...

But it is time to change this situation and turn the music world capital - opens its doors to a real seat of Rock - concert hall Rock House !!! Located in KC Izmailovo building, which was originally designed by the unruly sound wave, Rock House explodes decibels, flying from the apparatus of the best representatives of Europe and the United States, and spotlights, lighting artists paint a picture worthy of the Louvre Museum and the Tretyakov Gallery!

Concert hooll accommodate more than 700 visitors. The enormous power of the crystal-clear sound, light extravaganza - all this can feel everyone who comes here to feel the unforgettable experience of a space and the magic of music. Speech by the best representatives of the music capital of the world, a spacious dance floor, the presence of the VIP-zone and individual niches with cozy seating areas, excellent cuisine, and a bar, show incendiary Go-Go dancers on a designated runway. The newly opened summer terrace will delight visitors with live music and a warm atmosphere, and football fans - broadcast of the match.


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