Cultural Center of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs

Cultural Center of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs

Moscow, Bolshaya Lubyanka, 13

Cultural Center of the Interior Ministry, located on Bolshaya Lubyanka - creative and methodical center, organizer of cultural and educational work in the Russian Interior Ministry system. Center annually organizes and conducts a variety of themed events, both in the Cultural Center, as well as in different parts of the Russian Interior Ministry system.

With the advent in 1995 as head of Major General Internal Service Viktor Petrovich Eliseev main activities of the Cultural Center - cinema and concert, club, methodical, - we have received a new impetus to the development.

Every evening hospitality center doors swing open to those who hurry here to listen to a favorite singer, to see pictures of the famous artist, meet with historians, popular artist of cinema and watch a new movie, meet with experts in fighting crime. This whole departments come MVD Russia to celebrate anniversaries, there are the organizers of the club work in the field, coming to Moscow to exchange experiences.


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