Theatre «Russia»

Theatre «Russia»

Moscow, Pushkinskaya sq., 2

More than half a century it topped peak building with impressive glass façade, bright lobby, elegant staircases and bridges associated with the Muscovites with the cinema - that there was a legendary cinema "Russia".

theater building was erected in 1961, the project team of architects headed by Yu Sheverdyaeva. Europe's largest cinema opened with the premiere of the film George Danelia "I Step Through Moscow" and very soon became the central kinoploschadke USSR. For many years here were the main events of the Moscow International Film Festival.

Location of the theater "Russian" in its own way unique: the neighborhood - Lenk, Musical Theatre. Stanislavsky and Vl. Nemirovich-Danchenko theater Nations, Theatre. Pushkin, Moscow Art Theatre. Gorky Moscow Art Theatre. Anton Chekhov, Big and Small theaters that form the theater district, similar to London's West End and New York's Broadway.


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