Group Crematorium

Group Crematorium

This group knows virtually everyone, and this is not surprising, because the "Crematorium" ranks high among the Russian rock for more than 30 years. The music of this band not only listen to hardcore music fans, it found an echo in the hearts of different people. And all thanks to the original style - many jokingly called the music "Crematorium" "Waltz-rock", because artists used in their compositions fiddle and songs motive is more like a ballad than hard rock. At the same time the permanent leader of the group Armen Grigoryan writes deep and heartfelt poetry, which, combined with an unusual melody later become known hits.

solo project team leader will start in 2006, which was called "The Third Angel" with the album "Chinese tank". In this group activity does not stop, but the newly updated almost entirely, that does not prevent her to remain in the top positions in the Russian rock.

Despite the long existence, creativity "Crematorium" group always keeps up with time and does not lose its novelty and freshness. Try to unravel the secret of the uniqueness of the legendary band can be during the concert band.


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