Invasion 2016

Invasion 2016

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Nearing the date of Russia's largest multi-format rock festival "Invasion - 2016". 8, 9 and 10 July in the Big Zavidovo Tver region, which is 115 km automotive federal highway Moscow - St. Petersburg, will unfold the most ambitious musical extravaganza featuring the best local rock musicians and bands.

These days you will have to play more than a hundred bands. "Invasion" has been and remains the undisputed flagship among Russian open-air festivals. Last year, the festival took place on the fifteenth anniversary. For three days the main adventure of summer visited by about 200 thousand people. Jubilee Festival was a record for the territory, the size of the scenes and the quality of sound and lighting equipment. He also became the cleanest and most comfortable. For three days on the Internet and on satellite television channels he looked over three million people.

Tickets for the Invasion of 2016:

  • Input - One entry to the territory of the festival.
  • FAN - One entry to the territory of the festival. Bracelet. Next set of "input".
  • VIP - VIP-zone of the festival - a special area with improved infrastructure and enhanced comfort conditions.
  • Tent - Up to 6 seats. The ticket provides a place for a tent. The ticket is valid for installing tents in general the tent camp.
  • Parking - For the categories "A" and "B" (motorcycles and cars). Unlimited number of entry / exit. The bracelet, which entitles an unlimited count of inputs and outputs on the festival area for the driver and one passenger.
  • VIP tent - Up to 6 seats. Only with VIP tickets, or FAN. The ticket provides a place for a tent. On one ticket issued VIP TENT 6 bracelets to access in the VIP-tent area. Each recipient must have a bracelet or FAN VIP ticket.
  • VIP parking - For the categories "A" and "B" (motorcycles and cars). Only if there is a VIP ticket. Unlimited number of entry / exit. Parking is located in a special place right next to the territory of the VIP-zone. A ticket to VIP-parking entitles an unlimited number of entry / exit.

One bought a ticket to the festival every category is valid for all three days, provided that you do not leave the territory of the festival. Each exit from the territory of the festival and the subsequent return: for holders of tickets categories of input and FAN will need to purchase a new ticket. Winner of the VIP-ticket is entitled to the intersection of multiple entry and exit from the territory of the festival without having to purchase an additional ticket. If there is a parking bracelet for categories FAN INPUT tickets and entrance / exit from the territory of the festival only through the parking entrance! VIP-ticket holders will be able to pass through both the parking entrance and through the main.


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