Concert «7B»

Concert «7B»

Group "7B" headed by its permanent frontman Ivan Demyan was born in 2001, immediately become famous hit "Young wind" and eponymous debut album. Since then, "7B" acted at all «Wind of Change» significant rock festivals of the country, with the Scorpions recorded the new version and have released six records - including the brand new, "Immortal". One only festival "Invasion" Guppy played a dozen times.

Since then, "7B" released five LPs (including last year's album "Immortal") and three digital maxi-single, as well as recorded with the new version of the legendary Scorpions "Wind of Change". Recently, the group has received special attention it videography, refreshed from the beginning of the year three times as much (clip for the song "Immortality", "41st fascist" and "not a hero").


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