Northern Fleet

Northern Fleet

"Northern Fleet" - a rock band, created by musicians of the band "King and the Jester" in the summer of 2013. The debut single of the musicians - "Arrows" - immediately took off in the first place of the hit parade of "OUR Radio", instantly winning the hearts of fans and statements about the emergence of a new musical unit - a quality, original, uncompromising. Now the legendary rock musicians under the already beloved flag give full-length concerts across the country and even more - the first tour of the "Northern Fleet" included about 40 cities in Russia and Belarus.

The key definition for the new album is the experiment. "New Breath", pure creativity, just music, as the band sees it, without any guidelines for styles and directions. The recording of the record will take place at the famous Petersburg studio "Dobrolot" in cooperation with the no less legendary Andrei Alyakrinsky. The musicians are confident that the album will be memorable and unlike the previous two releases.

Concerts of the group "Northern Fleet" invariably accompany a powerful sound, a bright light show and author's view to each composition, which allows each viewer to immerse himself in the atmosphere of his favorite songs.


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