The play «Funny Money»

The play «Funny Money»

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    Recommended age 12+
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Average English accountant Henry finds the suitcase of money. Life is filled with bright colors and dreams. Realizing that money is "impure" and they will have to answer, Henry and his wife Jane try to "slip away" in Barcelona. But an experienced fraudster Davenport who feels an easy bait and responsible inspector Julie Slayton and eternal remora - family friends, Victor and Betty forcing characters instead of an easy life, plunge into a whirlpool of lies, panic and endless confusion ... Why, because at stake is crazy money for which is about can be a Mr drenched and this weird guy named Sima Dansik.

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes.
Actors: Alex Nechepurenko Ksenia Bevzova Alina Hanzhihuzhina Roman Svetlov, Alexander Turavinin Yulia Petrovskaya, in the role of Inspector Helen Slayton Papanova.


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