Sounds of the universe: the body and gongs

Sounds of the universe: the body and gongs

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For the first time in Russia a spectacular performance - body and gongs! Kosma Solarius improvises on the set of six symphonic planetary gongs, the sound of which is set according to the sound frequencies of the planets. Their vibration translate the rhythm of our solar system, and help to harmonize the body, in accordance with the frequency of universal energy.

The Authority will enter into a dialogue with the gongs to create a single composition, which weaves fantastic, "unearthly" Music of Olivier Messiaen and Jean Langlais, and Hans Zimmer soundtrack by Philip Glass from the iconic "space" movies "Interstellar" and "Koyaaniskatsi". The large-scale video installation on the arches of the cathedral will create the effect of total immersion in the vast expanses of the universe inviting.


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