Alai Oli. Presentation of the new album

Alai Oli. Presentation of the new album

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One of the most outstanding teams of the Russian independent scene Alai Oli goes on tour to mark the release of the 5th Studio album "Balance and depth". The release of 2016 year is a brand new stage in the life of the collective, marked by a change of the character of the sound, a new approach to creating music and lyrics. The reason for all the external changes lies in the internal philosophical rebirth of the group.

Olga Marquez: "When you grow up and become wiser, you begin to see in reality, not just black and white, but halftones. For some reason, when you start talking about it, everyone thinks that you're sad. It seemed to me that I so much love this world with all its nuances that if you give me a little time, I can tell you about it so that sadness was not, and felt only the force. And I took as much time as needed". 

Experience in the Studio when recording the new album was unique for the entire group. "Balance and depth" ― this is the most Mature and coherent work to Alai Oli. "The album was created entirely in the Studio, where we had more opportunities to work on the arrangements. Party instruments sound smarter and more interconnected. We were able to experiment on sound and detailed understanding of how to work a track," explains Alexander Chapovsky, bassist and co-founder of Alai Oli. The concerts, timed to the release of the album, will be held in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kiev. The unchanging qualities Alai Oli ― the unbridled energy of live performances and the beyond sincerity ― added another one ― the ability to give himself a true musical flow. This is the result of 12 years of work and many creative tests, this is the result of the search for balance and depth.


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