Concert «Tango with a Russian accent»

Concert «Tango with a Russian accent»

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Bright vocal-dance show "Tango with a Russian accent!" With the participation of Russian stars of Argentine tango Vlada Zakharova and Andrey Makarov Anna Bystrov and Timothy Borisov Misteriozo Orchestra, Larisa Makarska (soprano) and Alina Larina (soprano AMD).

TANGO from Aregntiny came to Russia via Paris (Astor Piazzolla - Tango Nuevo) and Warsaw (Jerzy Petersburg - "Burnt by the Sun") and acquired its original features in Russian music and singing culture and found its place in the hearts of millions of Russian listeners. Tango pre- and postwar pores war - he lives in the heart of not only the older generation, but also young people. The concert will feature famous songs from the repertoire of tangos and Claudia Shulzhenko, Zoe Christmas, Peter Leshchenko, Isabella St George and Vadim Kozin. Will sound and the authentic Argentine tango Carlos Gardel, Juan D'Arienzo, Anibal Troilo and Astor Piazzolla tango nuevo.

The concert will feature the brilliant Russian tango maestros and Russian champions Vlad Zakharov and Andrei Makarov, who created their own Tango Theatre and participated in numerous performances and shows, not only in Russia but also abroad.

Orchestra Tango Orchestra Misterioso - team, featuring the passionate and emotionally expressive interpretation of tango music. Orchestra performs classical tangos and milongas "the golden age of tango", a modern tango style «Tango Nuevo», Soviet tango, as well as their own works in the style of tango.


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