Alexey Chumakov

Alexey Chumakov

Alexey Chumakov has long been known outside Russia. He established himself as a professional singer, presenter, composer, arranger and even a parodist. His music is the harmony of strong feelings, audio quality and many years of stage experience. His songs are a musical blend of catchy words for the soul, sincerity and personal experience. Like a true artist, Alexey Chumakov lives every song. The viewer feels it, believes it and empathizes. 

Alexey Chumakov to the artist's career was his entire life. From an early age he performs on stage, writes songs and participates in various music contests. In addition to his solo career, the singer also acts also a lyricist and composer. He writes songs for other famous artists such as Boris Moiseev. On account of Alexey Chumakov two solo albums. In 2006 he released the album "Dreams of something bigger", and in 2013 the album "Here and there". The motto of the artist is always quality. The quality of the music, texts, performances, concert, relationships, life.


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