Growing up in Cheboksary Denis Grigoriev a.k.a. The pencil began his career in the rap there, in the group "I Party", later joined by the citizens of "Substandard" and identified himself as the "District of my dreams" - Volga future superstars of rap, the winners of the regional festivals and participants of the rally Rap Music in Moscow.

Pencil always confirmed the truth of the matter "truly talented person is talented in everything". This truly unique artist and known as a producer, and as the author of music for cinema, and as a multimedia artist, and own series of podcasts. The pencil was and still is an independent musician, to observe his work was always very interesting.

Having remained in the capital and as a solo artist, the Pencil has made a name for debut album "Markdown 99" and in particular duologue "American", then participated in the reunion Studio "Area of my dreams" and finally released the seventh solo album "Monster". In YOTASPACE it, as you might guess, sounds a whole.


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