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Large jubilee concerts STIGMATA in capitals, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the popular hit, "September", firmly entrenched in the hearts of listeners and relevant to this day. 

Ten years ago, Stigmata released their self-titled album, becoming one of the most exciting bands of alternative music. The team of 5 full-length albums, one EP and two live DVDs, a large-scale tours throughout Russia and CIS countries. 

The concert program will consist of time-tested hits and new tracks. At the moment the team is in the Studio, where the recording of the new album. This is the last speech of the gang, with the old material, after which many of the songs leave the concert playlist forever. Come to the anniversary concert, feel the drive and experience real emotions.
all guitarist will demonstrate the breadth of his creative Outlook and performance. By the way, it is likely that under this program, Marco will show not only the talent of the guitarist, but also show their outstanding vocal abilities.


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