Circus show «Astrolabe»

Circus show «Astrolabe»

The latest technologies allow to realize complex ideas directors and set designers. The large-scale installation of fountains turns water into movable scenery and spectacular lighting effects magically transform the space. Author's paintings, written specifically for the show, appearing in the form of 3D-projections.

Outside the auditorium organized interactive entertainment program, creating the atmosphere of the old circus. It not only takes the children dance, music and fun contests, but also serves as a preface to the play. In addition, in the lobby waiting for you: cozy cafes circus, rides, pony rides, akvagrim. And so the same professional photography with circus animals and on the background of the famous dancing fountains!

The duration of the show: 2 hours 45 minutes with one intermission.
Children under 6 years old are on one ticket with parents.


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