Performance «Spring»

Performance «Spring»

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According to the stories of Mikhail Zadornov.

How wonderful life is! Especially in adventure novels and in our dreams. In reality, we always something interferes: alarm clock, work, defense of the thesis or just timidity and indecision. Yuri, the protagonist of the play, for two years every day on the way to meet beautiful stranger, but does not dare to talk to her. But this spring, everything must change. After all, spring still seems possible! Weekdays bloom in bright colors, and even the most timid of us wants to break the usual course of things. Heal as in adventure novels: fall in love, do stupid things fall apart in an unexpected journey ... At the Jura and the beautiful stranger has every chance to become the heroes of the wonderful romantic story. But does he have enough determination to make the first move from fantasy into reality?

"Spring" - the directorial debut of the young actors of the Moscow Provincial teatraEvgeniya Gomonoya and Stepan Kulikova. Mikhail Zadornov very carefully took it debut, and its thoughtful participation will not go unnoticed. The author is present in the play, watching his hero and tries to help him.

Running time: 1 hour 40 minutes.


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