The play «Prank»

The play «Prank»

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Prank in English - leprosy, prank, prank, joke. It would seem that funny story. However, it depends on who "pranker". It may be not a good fellow. And the sacrifice of his risky provocation not expect joyous laughter, and the shame and humiliation. Young "majors" cynical started a hunt for those who are willing to lose money for the sake of his dignity, and maybe even the soul. Lucky hunters like their prey, waiting for the glory of the Internet: a record number of views, likes and repost.

Authors of the project - young graduates GITIS - address the performance-Prank their peers, including those who are passionately looking popular, but sometimes very hard videos on YouTube. The director and the artist offered the audience a bold synthesis of modern youth vocabulary and style of the medieval farce, creating a strange reality on the border between reality and the result of altered consciousness.

The performance is played in an unusual space of the Theatre Café. Unusually, not only for the theater, but also for the cafe, which the authors call the "anti-café": there is not a visitor orders, there the visitor offer money ... For what? Learn.

Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes without intermission.


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