Performance «Tartuffe»

Performance «Tartuffe»

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"Tartuffe" - one of the most famous plays in Tagansky repertoire. He almost half a century, so long life performance - a rare phenomenon even in the world of classics, is like "Tartuffe" eternal themes, characters and manners. However, Moliere's "Tartuffe", born in the 17th century, oddly enough, is becoming more and more topical and relevant subject. As soon as we have more steel to think about God and about the place of religion in our daily lives, become an interesting problem. My heart says that there is nothing more disgusting false ostentatious religiosity, the desire to warm their hands on the great Christian commandment of love and humility.

Tartuffe - a play often played out in my life. Hanja and rubbed pretender to someone in complete trust and incomprehensible. This dobronravnogo skromnika, of course, everyone will know - always - on stage and in life, regardless of exposure, Tartuffe always close and modern character who in all ages have successfully fools Mr Orgon.


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