Musical «the Bremen town musicians»

Musical «the Bremen town musicians»

The new version of the musical "The Bremen Town Musicians" - an updated history of the legendary cartoon characters of the same name, on which entire generations of citizens of our country have been brought up. Together with a cheerful troubadour and his faithful friends, we wandered through the world, will meet with horrible bandits atamansha formidable and lovely princess. Singing along with favorite characters to familiar songs of friendship and love, we again believe in a fairy tale!

Guests enjoy colorful musical acting work, live vocal, colorful scenery, flamboyant costumes, modern special effects and incredible stunts performed by the best young artists and experienced professionals in the genre of musical theater. In the role of Troubadour first appearance charismatic actor Oleg Goncharov. The role of the charming and gentle play Princess Cristina Dudin and Evgeny Aksenov will appear in two completely different images - Investigators and cunning femme atamansha. The director of the musical, honored artist of Russia Boris Boreyko, carefully worked setting, keeping it all the highlights of the cartoon, and adding a bit of sharpness and novelty. Familiar from childhood the wonderful melodies Gennady Gladkov appear in bright modern arrangements.

Production is intended for family viewing. See the musical will be interesting to the audience as the first of the legendary cartoon characters, as well as their children and grandchildren. Audiences older will be pleased to note the similarity nostalgic musical heroes with vivid characters of the cult cartoon, and the smallest and demanding theater-goers will be able to get acquainted with their favorite characters of their mothers and fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers.


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