The anniversary evening «We're 35 years old»

The anniversary evening «We're 35 years old»

Anniversary evening of theatre "Russian ballet"

The Moscow Provincial drama theatre began its existence in 2013. It was created by the merger of two regional theaters: the Moscow regional drama theater. A. N. Ostrovsky Moscow regional state Chamber theatre. Artistic Director — people's artist of Russia Sergey Bezrukov.
Speaking about the artistic direction of Sergei Bezrukov recalls a famous Italian Director Giorgio Strehler and his book "theatre for the people":

"I think that today with a new power relevant to this appeal Strehler to build a theatre for the people. We learned how to play people to get to the bottom of life, with attention to marginal, sometimes wondering
more human physiology than his soul. In the Provincial theatre we will be interested in something else: the life of an ordinary man. Common does not mean simple. When we say this, we mean
those human emotions that unite the rich and the poor. We build the theatre, accessible to all".

The availability of the theater is expressed in the fact that his performances can come and people with disabilities. The theater has a ramp and a lift for the disabled. An important event for the theater was the fact that for the first time in Russia there was staged in support of tiflo-commentary (special explanatory text for the blind), which was still available as a regular viewers, as well as blind. To make this possible, the theater was equipped with special equipment, and actress Irina Bezrukov and Anna Tsang trained profession tivocommunity. Equipment for diplommatinidae first tested the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov. Currently the explanatory text for the blind accompanied by the performance "Pushkin", the plan is to provide titlecommercial and other theater performances.


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