Music Festival of ancient music «the Four Colors of Time»

Music Festival of ancient music «the Four Colors of Time»

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    Recommended age 6+

From 26 November to 6 December 2016, two beautiful halls of Moscow - "Orchestrion" and the International Union of Musicians will be held II International Music Festival "The Four Colors of Time" Early Music organized entreprise soloists and ensembles of "mezzanine". The first festival brought together the audience and successfully passed in the Pavel Slobodkin Center in 2014.

This year the festival involved musicians and dancers from Spain, Lithuania and Russia. With the masterpieces of Western music XVI-XVIII centuries Muscovites will introduce four have a strong personality ensemble performing early music on period instruments in an authentic manner.

The festival will also feature two interactive medieval representations of younger participants of the festival, students of Children's Music School. Jurgenson, to their peers, students of secondary and music schools and students of a boarding school for children left without parental care.


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