A tour of the Mosfilm studios

A tour of the Mosfilm studios

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Today, forty acres of wonderful Moscow's "dream factory" is located a half a dozen of operating film studios, unusual museum Cinema Concern "Mosfilm" with a stunning collection of "movie stars" -retroavtomobiley, most large-scale scenery of the ancient city, full-scale platform, a wonderful apple orchard with amazing sculptures, picturesque cascade ponds (which starred water fights), cafes. And this mysterious world of backstage cinema today - yours!

We begin our exciting journey into the world of cinema with a visit to an exclusive, rare collection of vintage cars (from the "Mercedes-Benz" Shtirlitsa from "Seventeen Moments of Spring" and "Rolls Royce" of the "Elusive Avengers" to the bicycle, which rode Lenin) coaches, landau. Each machine, motorcycle, coach - its cinematic history. Amazing, atmospheric place! By the way, many of the exhibits remarkable collections are still shot in contemporary films.

You'll see what it looks like film set and full-scale platform, walk through the corridors of the main building with the stands of the unique set of technology and original designs for films, admire the sumptuous costumes (many of them embroidered with pearls and gold thread in the monasteries, and weigh about 20 kg!) exclusive masks of actors for the manufacture of plastic make-up, wigs, props for horror movies and variety of scenery to the real movie.

Especially for us the master dressing room shop created a mobile exhibition to one of the first Soviet "Wii" horror movies, which you are "horrified!" Room layouts reveal the mystery of transformation into a giant chicken ordinary "Chicken Ryaba" from the same film Konchalovsky, and here you will learn what size was actually a plane "Crew" of the first Soviet film-disaster.


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