Children''''''''s fairy tale «Morozko»

Children''''''''s fairy tale «Morozko»

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Traditional Russian fairy tale

In this performance of the familiar fairy story, beloved by children, transformed. The victory of good over evil – not just the triumph of justice, and great joy. This is our colorful, mischievous, musical, colourful spectacle of the unexpected to traditional folk tales development and the ending.

Author: Yuri Averin
Genre: fairy Tale in two acts
Staging: Mikhail Shchepenko
Actors: Irina Oblomova, Valeria Polyakova, Irina Vinokurova, Yuliya Shchepenko, Dmitry Polyakov, Irina Andreyeva, Gennady Kukharenko, Sergey Nesterov, Vladimir Shusharin, Dmitry Shchepenko, Mr. Averin, Valery Andreyev, Vasily Vasilyev, Artur Averin, Elena Zotova, And Alexey Savchenko, Maria Averina Svetlana Yurutkin, Anton Pushkarev, Tom Smolski, Antonina Queen, Veronica. 
Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes


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