Ball tree toy

Ball tree toy

Guests can open the door to the fabulous world of sparkling snow, fluffy trees, tangerines and kind smiles - and for many of them this will be the first of the New Year!

Music concert with elements of the puppet show. Toys tree tell the audience a little about yourself fairy stories, dance and play along with the audience under the famous musical masterpieces, jazz hits and folk tunes. Children will meet interesting and fun toy, a sugar fairy, snowflakes, antique dolls and more.

In concert the music of Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, Delibes, Kramer etc. are Involved violin, accordion and Cajon.

Kids and their parents during the concert will get acquainted with all the traditions of the meeting and preparation for the New year. All guests will work together to decorate the Christmas tree and dance, play in the snow and sing songs.

Event duration: 1 hour 15 minutes. Entrance hall pair of shoes or socks.


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