The play «Xenia of Petersburg in the life»

The play «Xenia of Petersburg in the life»

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The premiere of a theatrical production from a young Director "Xenia of Petersburg in the life" on the original work of V. Levanova waited a long time for several reasons. First, the performance of the Director always succeed "on the topic of the day" regardless of the genre and style of performance. Secondly, the performances of the fate of women from famous novels can be counted on the fingers, although the life of this blessed girl is a real drama in the history of the Russian people.

The cast is also chosen very carefully and each actor coming to the stage is an event in the life of the contemporary theater, despite his youth and lack of experience. The protagonists of the evening will be a Pauline coinage, Sofya Gorshkova, Daniel Romanov, Andrey Davydov, Yulia Salmina, Nikolai Tumilovich, Oleg Geraskin, Yuri Sokolov. The plot of the theatrical performance "Xenia of Petersburg in the life" tells about the dramatic adventure of a girl who lived in the first half of the eighteenth century. She was unable to accept the loss of his beloved wife – singing from the choir singing at the court – the deceased not accepting repentance, and Xenia, abandoning all worldly things, rigged in men's clothing, detached from his own name and adopting the name of former husband, went to the cross hike.

On stage is very sincere and honest will be shown not only the life of the woman, but the real thing is happening around her events, the painful episodes associated with the service of God and the rejection of the many joys of life as well as a detailed picture of the Russian reality of that time with recognizable phenomena, persons and historical places. If you like real drama unvarnished and interested story of one man with a sincere passion and all-consuming love, come on "Xenia of Saint Petersburg in the life" the whole family, exactly like you.


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