The Play «Marriage?»

The Play «Marriage?»

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"Marriage" or "absolutely incredible event in two acts" is one of the most exciting plays of Nikolai Gogol. Gogol originally wanted to call the play just "Grooms", and the action move into the village. But when "Marriage" became the finished shape, the events of the play moved to St. Petersburg.
Adaptation of Gogol is always an event. And if "Marriage" is out staged by the Moscow theater of Russian drama , it is one of the most coveted theatrical performances for the whole public capital. You can certainly argue that the tickets will be gone in an instant.

"Marriage" – a veritable encyclopedia of the Russian soul.

To the known list of characters ironic and sad Gogol's Comedy added a few more. Huge canopy, living their own lives up and down as he pleases. A dilapidated piano standing reason on its side, and... Gogol. Yes, Nikolai himself mysteriously in attributing the title of the play a question mark. And what exactly is the issue? Marriage, as we know, did not take place. And even that age we think why? While the character of Ivan Kuzmich Podkolesin to ask another question: "is it worth it?!". Maybe someone from two Gogol is laughing at his characters, the writer or metaphorical narrative derived in terms of performance, the author will lead the viewer to the solution?

Arkady Averin
Yuliya Shchepenko
Alexey Savchenko
Dmitry Shchepenko
Valeria Polyakova
Irina Andreeva
Valery Andreyev
Pavel Levitsky
Dmitry Polyakov
Artistic Director:
Mikhail Shchepenko


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