The play «Profitable post»

The play «Profitable post»

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Alexander Ostrovsky has a rare dramatic gift to reflect life in the dialogues. And life Russian native, connected with our mentality, not only one where people lived in the 19th century, but where they live now. It is for this actuality filmmakers love him so much drama and so often turn to his plays. The story told in "plum" - the conflict of principles and circumstances is one of the most dire-sounding at the present time. 

"We are fortunate that Alexander Ostrovsky lived in the 19th century, because if he were born now he would have wrote scripts to a good series. And so he left a great legacy of beautiful texts for theatre, one of which turned the Theater of Pushkin." Roman Samgin

Author: Alexander Ostrovsky
Setting: the Theater. Pushkin
Director: Roman Samgin
Starring: Alexander Dmitriev, Igor Bochkin, Inessa Chirkin, Sergey Lamblin, Irina Byakova, Anna Begunova, Artem Eshkin, Anastasia Metric, Andrei Sukhov, Vladimir Grigoriev
Duration: 3 hours


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