The Performance «Oranges&Lemons»

The Performance «Oranges&Lemons»

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One of the most popular English dramatists of his time, the successor of the literary tradition of Wilde and Shaw, Noel Coward firsthand was familiar with the actor's morals and the reverse side of the artistic life. All his childhood he spent behind the scenes played in the theater 11 years old and the art in his understanding is a creature of some kind.

"Hay fever" is a classic English play, written in 1925, was a resounding success in London and is still one of the most popular English plays. It always plays a famous actress, a star not afraid of associations with their own destiny. In addition to that role a benefit, she is also very curious, interesting tasks - play actress, retired, but not wanting to stop playing and everything around him turns to the theatre.

The main character, the once brilliant actress Judith bliss, has a year left the scene, but can not get used to a quiet rural existence – she lives in his own special world where the line between reality and imagination sometimes is not visible. Every evening in the veins of the actress begins to worry the blood boil of passion, and now the living room of her house turns into a theatrical stage, and the family members and guests — participants of the next performance. The idea is simple: from the theater to leave, but to expel the theater itself is impossible.

There is a particular interest for the actress, for the audience to try to understand that in the performance they are going to play, and that transferred from personal experience.


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