Jazz for your favorite

Jazz for your favorite

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On 8 March, a famous Russian musician, composer and producer Oleg Butman invites you to a festive gala concert in the concert hall "Orchestrion".

In the program "jazz favorite" will be attended by the owner of a unique, high-pitched vocals, the world famous jazz singer Zenia McPherson

Star Zenia McPherson modern jazz scene. She calls herself – "ЛедиZ". Fans call her – "Lady – perfection". On posters the largest jazz festivals in her name is always among the favorites – Zenia Mack fearson. 

The owner of unique, high-pitched vocals, many music critics compared her with Arietta Franklin and Uitni Houston. Impeccable external data – Zenia as if descended from a cover of fashionable glossy magazines. Amazing sense of style – each melodic phrase in her performance is full of meaning and beauty. All this is but a small part of the enthusiastic epithets bestowed this black diva the press and public around the world. The actress, who in all his work embodies the title star of the contemporary jazz scene.

Today LADY Z one of the most popular jazz singers in the United States. However, she constantly tours the world – presents to the public his new creation, the band "Z and the Natural Experience". March 8 is expected a musical sensation, the stage is a real lady, star of the world jazz festivals. And there is no doubt that the Russian public will immediately join the army of her loyal fans.


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