The play «it's a wonderful life»

The play «it's a wonderful life»

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The basis for this production was one of the most famous comedies of Ken Ludwig, the play "The Moon over Buffalo", which was named "This beautiful life" on our stage. This is a classic situation comedy, which takes place in a small town in Buffalo, New York.

In the center of the plot - a temperamental actor's pair George and Charlotte Hay. Once they were famous and famous - they acted in films, gave autographs to fans, and now they keep a private repertory theater in a provincial town, playing two plays by a troupe of five. George and Charlotte do not lose hope to return to the big stage and to the cinema, and fate presents them with this chance - in Buffalo comes the famous director Frank Capra, who is looking for a hero for the filming in his new film. George and Charlotte are ready for anything to get the role! And as is customary in the comedy of positions, the action develops rapidly and is not always predictable.


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