The Band «Royal Republic»

The Band «Royal Republic»

November 24 in the Moscow club "Glastonberry" Swedish group Royal Republic will drive the fans of garage rock crazy with their set, dedicated to a loud European tour in support of the new album "Weekend Man". Although the audacious, bright energy and genuinely self-confident 2010 album "We Are The Royal" and the 2012 album "Save The Nation" have already determined the position of Royal Republic, the Swedish band from Malmö, on the music map of the world, their latest creation is the album "Weekend Man "- became even more loud statement. This is how the cards are put on a big cross in the place where the treasure is buried. Together with the guitarist of the band Haynnsom Airengard, bass player Jonas Olmen and drummer Per Andrisson, the lanky mustached frontman of the group Adam Gran recorded "Weekend Man" in Berlin. The band has already recorded there before, so this city, according to Adam, became their "operational base." Royal Republic, being known only in the vastness of Facebook, literally "shot" after a joint European tour with punk rockers Blink 182 in the summer of 2012, having played as a warm-up group even on the legendary Rock am Ring in Germany.

Before setting up the band in 2007, all four musicians studied at the prestigious Malmö Music Academy. As Adam notes, this fact also served as the reason that communication between musicians "can be compared to a lightning strike". Their musical sophistication is not the only reason for the group's incredible success: in every musician, an inner Viking is 100% alive. "After many years, when I had to be perfectly punctual and impeccable to play in tact, our group allowed me to pull out all my courage, all the real emotions," admits Adam. Asked how far the group has advanced in this time, the frontman of the Royal Republic gives the following answer: "When we started, it was funny how different people we are. Now we are a family, with all the ensuing consequences, and I do not think that any of us would refuse this feeling for all the treasures of the world. Royal Republic have now made a really strong record, which completely reflects us and our views. "


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