Superdisco of the 90s

Superdisco of the 90s

Superdiskoteka 90's from Radio Record now has become longer! After the festival you will have a real old school rave with legendary DJs. The record will make the capital dance! We will turn Stadium into an assembly hall from the 90's: just like in your school. We take the tape recorder from the head teacher and put your tape, invite you to a slow tape and come off to the cool tracks!

The most important thing remains unchanged: the atmosphere of otvyaznykh, musical and such our 90's! Interactive zones in the foyer, nostalgic videos, frenzied energy in the hall and songs, which became the symbol of a crazy era. The names of the artists, each of which will make your hearts beat more often, we will announce in the official VKontakte group. The special price for "early birds" is valid only before the announcement of line-up! Be on the stirrup so you will not miss anything.

Cook the leggings and cookies! And before the meeting on November 3 in STADIUM LIVE


OCTOBER DANCE - access to the dance floor. At your disposal will be all the bars in the arena, restaurant and wardrobe, and if you come early, then you will score a place in front of the stage - closest to the cool artists and super-show.
PIONEER BALCONY - access to an exclusive VIP-balcony with an excellent view of the stage, separate bars, entrance and wardrobe.
KOMSOMOLSKY - a place at a table on one of the tiers of the cascading part of the VIP balcony with a premium view of the stage and individual service by waiters, a detachment of pioneers, a separate entrance and wardrobe, dedication to the Komsomol with Komsomol awards, access to the dance floor.
SPEED POLITBUREAU - comfortable sofas for a company of four or six people with a panoramic view of the stage and not only personal entrance, wardrobe and escort of hostesses, specials. service as in the model dining rooms of the Central Committee, special. Rations for the loyal party and the people.

Persons under the age of 18 are allowed to attend the event only when accompanied by their parents. At the entrance it is necessary to show a document confirming the degree of kinship.


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